Domain Name – How to Buy and Sell

A domain name can be a very valuable asset for your online business. When promoted regularly, it can become a powerful brand that helps to boost sales. Visitors learn to trust a domain name given enough time. The goodwill generated by a sound domain name can be worth a lot of money. There are several ways you can make money from names.


Buying a domain.

In order to make money with domains, you need to be the owner of some names. The first thing you need to know is how to buy a domain. Any name that is not registered can be acquired for about $10 per year, depending on the registrar that you use. The most valuable domain names are short and easy to remember. Top level names that end with the dot com extension also tend to be more popular. When you start selling off the names, you find that dot coms are always easier to sell. Perhaps this is due to perceived value.

In addition, names that mean something are also more valuable. For instance, a domain like “keyword(dot)com” can be worth a lot of money. These names are easier to rank in the search engines and they may be receiving free traffic.

Domain appraisal.

Before you try to sell a name, you should always try to get it appraised. A domain can be appraised for a small fee. Based on several factors, each appraisal will show you an estimate of how much a domain is worth. You can show the appraisal to your prospective customers to get a higher selling price.

Selling a name.

Trying to market and sell a domain is easy if you know what your customers are looking for. The first thing that customers look for is traffic. If you can provide undeniable proof that the domain is receiving free traffic from the search engines, you can sell the name at a higher price. The next thing that customers look for is revenue. Is the site generating any revenue? A domain that can generate solid revenues month after month is very rare. You will earn a good amount of money by selling a profit generating site.


Acquiring good domain names can be very difficult. That is because almost all the valuable names are grabbed by individuals and organizations. Try making a search for a name that means something. Chances are, the names are not available for registration.

But domains do expire. And if the owner decides not to renew the domain, you are in luck! Backordering a name means that you place an order with the registrar for a domain that has already been registered. When you place an order, the backorder service will monitor the domain for you. If it expires, and the owner decides not to renew, the service will register the domain on your behalf. Usually, you don’t pay anything until the domain registration is successful. However, be prepared to pay a higher registration fee for a backorder.

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